Action High Res


  • 1600 High Resolution Images
  • 400 Vector Silhouettes
  • ONLY $699.00


  • 1600 High Resolution Images
  • ONLY $699.00

The Action Illustrated High-Res Collection features 1600 high quality abstract backgrounds, textures and fills. The entire package consists of four chapters of 400 high quality large format images. JPEG files, 17280px by 6912px LARGE images. The entire collection includes all 1600 images PLUS images are Keyword searchable within the Action Illustrated Instatn Designer. Includes 400 vector silhouettes for easy powerclipping. Perfect for large-format printing, dye-sublimation printing and direct to garment printing!

High Resolution Images

  • Abstract
  • Backgrounds
  • Fills
  • Textures
Vector Silhouettes

  • For Power Clipping
  • Large Format